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The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) is an international professional organization designed for professionals and families associated with infants and young children with special needs. It was formed as a division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in 1973. The Kansas Division for Early Childhood (KDEC) is a state subdivision of the International Division for Early Childhood and began in 1982. Our subdivision is seeking persons to be part of this organization. By joining, you will receive the benefits of numerous publications (Young Exceptional Children, Teaching Exceptional Children, Exceptional Children, and Journal of Early Intervention). KDEC also provides the opportunity to interact, collaborate, and communicate with others in the field; be informed on innovations in research, policy, best practices, and currents issues; and be eligible for reduced rates at the KDEC annual conference. New members may contact Ginny Butts, KDEC Membership Chair at membership@kdec.org or call 620-326-8906, ext. 224 for an application. Or, for easier and quicker membership, visit the Council for Exceptional Children at www.cec.sped.org. Please consider joining our organization and supporting the children and families around the state. If you are already a member, share this information with a colleague and invite them to check out the DEC website at http://www.dec-sped.org/index.html for more information about the benefits of membership.

Student Membership

Hello Students!!

As you know, the 2008 KDEC Conference is coming up. Over the past few years, student involvement has increased and I would love to see that continue! We will again have a poster session, so please consider submitting a proposal to present a poster. It can be targeted to parents, researcher, teachers, or other professionals or community members. The basic requirement is simply that it contains information about children ages birth 5 years old. Besides being an excellent way to share what we are doing with conference attendees, this is a great opportunity to expend our experiences and build our vitas.

In addition to the poster session, this year’s conference will also include a discussion panel session in which we will have the opportunity to ask questions to various types of professionals about their career path, how past experiences they have had benefited them, experiences they wished they had gotten, etc. This is a valuable way in which we can better gauge what we might like to do in the field and how to best prepare to be there.

Finally, the annual conference is only one thing that KDEC has to offer. Please consider becoming a member!! First, belonging to a professional organization illustrates an interest in the current state of the field and in connecting with other professionals. Networking is a powerful learning opportunity and can make the professional road an easier one to travel. Joining KDEC also brings the benefits of receiving a variety of publications (Teaching Exceptional Children, Exceptional Children, and CEC Today) throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to save 30% off all CEC publications. Since the CEC is our parent organization, to join KDEC you must first join CEC (cost is $66) and then join the Division of Early Childhood (cost is $12). Then you are automatically a member of KDEC!!

I hope to meet more of you at the conference and see posters presenting all of the wonderful things you are currently working on!! Please extend this opportunity to your classmates and coworkers as well. The more we grow, the more KDEC can offer us.

Thank you!
Sara Gould, KDEC Student Representative

Early Learning Document

A collaborative group is now training across the state on the Kansas Early Learning document. This document includes standards and guidelines for children ages birth to five years. The training is being provided by members of KSDE, SRS, and KITS staff. Please go to the KITS website, www.kskits.org (This link opens a new browser window. To return to this page, close the new window.) to find dates and locations for future trainings.

NOTE: A session at the KDEC conference will be training on the document!

If you have questions about the KDEC NEWSBRIEF contact us at newsletter@kdec.org

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